Aluminium Mats

Profielmatten gemaakt van geëxtrudeerde aluminium, onderling verbonden met rvs kabel, ruimte tussen de profielen, ideaal voor zwaar binnen en of buitengebruik.

Keuze uit 3 profielhoogtes:

Aluminium mats made of extruded profiles interconnected with stainless steel cable, space between the profiles, suitable for heavy indoor and outdoor use.

Choose from 3 profile heights:

12 mm, if there is little height, e.g. for on the floor with an open external door. 17mm, most sold, ideal for recess in the floor. 22mm, suitable for a deeper recess. 22mm ES, Extra strong profile with wall thickness of 2.5mm for heavy use, e.g. pallet trucks driving over the mat.

Choices from 3 inlay systems. Needle felt, for inside. Scraper, vinyl profile for removing coarser dirt (indoor and or outdoor use) Brushes, hard nylon brushes for removing coarse dirt and moisture (indoor and or outdoor use) Combinations of 2 types are possible, Optionally there is the possibility to change the aluminum profile color to black, gold or another color, small surcharge will surprise you.

Aluminium profile mats are made for heavy use, hundreds to thousands of passages per day. Our prices are among the sharpest in the market. The prices of aluminium mats can vary enormously. Are our aluminium profile mats of inferior quality ? No, they are comparable to other suppliers. The difference is in our sales model.

We deliver directly from the manufacturer so that the price can remain competitive.
We do not offer on-site measurements. 95% of these mats are placed in a rectangular recess or loose. By measuring yourself you save an expensive visit. We can give you advice on how to measure and what to take into account.
All technical information, photos can be found on our website, you do not pay for expensive sample books and leaflets. We sell exclusively via the internet, which allows us to keep the price low.

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  1. Alu Pro 12 mm
    Alu Pro 12 mm
    €337.23 €278.70
  2. Alu Pro 17 mm
    Alu Pro 17 mm
    €387.20 €320.00
  3. Alu Pro 22 mm
    Alu Pro 22 mm
    €378.56 €312.86
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