NBR Cotton

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NBR Cotton

The best water absorbing mat from our range. Cotton is a natural fibre that can really absorb water. If you come out of the shower/bath you normally dry yourself with a cotton towel. Do not believe in fairy tales of cheap synthetic mats that can absorb up to 6-8 litres of water per m². The 100% cotton pile ensures that it can absorb and retain large amounts of water, measured real water absorption capacity of 4 litres per m², the highest value of all our mats.

The NBR cotton mat are normally used as rentalmats. These mats are used in shops and places where many visitors come to keep the floor behind the mat dry.

This dirt trapper mat has a real industrial washable NBR rubber backing. The mat lies flat, does not curl up, edges do not tear off. The size 85x150 cm can be washed at home in a 5 kg washing machine. You can dry it in the dryer. Tested for at least 100 washes.

The NBR Cotton is a dirt trapper mat that lasts a long time, you will not regret your purchase.


- 100% cotton pile, no recycled quality.
- 3 Standard widths, any length up to 600 cm = standard size.
- Special sizes up to 150x600 cm.
- With or without black border
- Optional 3mm rubber (matt lays better in a floorwell)
- NBR rubber back that lies flat (no curled edges)
- Industrial washable at max 60 degrees
- Dry in dryer or hang up
- 2 year guarantee on the mat.

Let op deze mat heeft een rubber rug. Deze rug bevat weekmakers. Vraag uw vloerleverancier of een mat met weekmakers gebruikt kan worden. Sommige gietvloeren, pvc vloeren, PU vloeren kunnen reageren met weekmakers waardoor vlekken kunnen ontstaan.
Gebruik op dit soort vloeren is voor eigen risico.

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SKU NBR Katoen
Weight 2.7500
Right of Return (Consumers only) No (Made to order)
Deliverytime 2-3 Weeks
Fire Rating Dfl
Pileheight ca. 8-9 mm
Total Height ca 9-10 mm
Backing NBR Rubber
Pilematerial Cotton
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